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Amarillo® Cryo Hops® LupuLN2® Pellets -100 g

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Yakima Chief Amarillo Cryo

Amarillo® hops is an extremely high mychic hops creating a wonderful citrus flavor. It is mainly used as a flavor and aroma jump with orange, grapefruit, melon and peaches. This hops is perfect choice for ESB, Pale Ales and Wheat beer. Hop details: Taste descriptor: orange, grapefruit, lemon, melon, apricot, peach

Alphaic acid%: 18.3%

Total oil%: 3.5-5.5%

Cryo HOPS® uses the most innovative technique for cryogen processing where the full-blade shume is separated into concentrated lupulin and bract at extremely low temperatures to preserve essential oils and resins. The result is an attractive lupuln2® hop pellet that doubles the humble force with 40-50% of the same weight of traditional hop pellets. Produces an improved hop flavor with juicy, resinous and fruity properties that are perfect for IPA beer and styles.

Amarillo® is a trademark owned by Virgil Gamache Farms, Inc.