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Yeast Nutrient FN502 50 gram Angel Yeast

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Prisvärd jästnäring som gör din jäst pigg och glad.
Cirka 20% av priset mot ledande konkurrenter

Yeast nutrient FN502 mainly comes from the cytoplasm of yeast. This organic nutrient preparation rich in free amino acids and provide assimilable nitrogen to yeast multiplication and growth.

Effectively supplement nitrogen nutrition for the nutritional deficiency fermentation. Provide free amino acids and improve cellular multiplication and growth. Ensure yeast viability, accelerate alcoholic fermentation. Improve fermentation metabolism and reduce off-flavor. Provide fermentation aroma precursors.

Smell Typical smell of yeast extract
Color Light yellow to brown yellow
Moisture ≤6% Total nitrogen ≥10.0%
Amino nitrogen ≥4.0% pH 4.5 - 6.5


0,15-0,30 gram per liter.