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Crisp Flaked Torrified Maize, 1-2 EBC

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In order to help in the production of the widest variety
Crisp Malting Group has a series of non-malted beer types 
brewing cereals. Flaked maize, or Torrified maize consists of maize grains which :
has been cooked at high temperature, resulting in :
gelatine of the starch in the endosperm

Flaked maize, Torrefied Maize can add a unicorned cornflake similar sweetness to your beer.

Torrified Maize does not require anything before it.
is added to the measurement. This product is free from :
extraneous matter and manufactured from non-GM certified
raw materials of an establishment which does not work in a raw material 
of GM origin. It shall be kept under cool, dry


Color 1-2 EBC