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Brewolution Brewster Beacon 40 liter

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Brewster Beacon is a Danish brewery from Brewolution and is a compact semi-automatic brewery at a magical price, built in AISI 304 stainless steel, which makes it easy to keep clean. This brewery does well together with Fermenter King JR. Brewing beer with this work makes everything easier.

The benefits are many with a RIMS work. Mashing, straining and boiling in the same vessel.

The wort is pumped around the brewing plant and thus made a good exchange.

Step masking is easily done via the easy-to-read display. There, temperature, power and timer are controlled.
The advantage also lies in the fact that the heating coil is not visible at the bottom. It simplifies cleaning and definitely whirlpool. A very smart solution !!

Number of masters stages 9, max 3 hours

Holds 40 liters

Boiling amount 30 liters

Power 2.5 KW. Adjustable

Maximum malt content 9 kg

Weight 10 kg

Save up to 10 recipes

magnetic Pump

We recommend hops bagsto the product.