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Brewtools 80pro, order for coming shipment

Out of stock

B80pro - our flagship is an uncompromising brewery made for enthusiasts.

Do you want to brew beer with what we consider to be the best on the market?

- 90-liter tank volume and 20kg malt capacity.
- 6kW heater (2x3kW) is assisted and provides fast heating and cooking.
- High reliability with 2 digital sensors.
- Tapered bottom and bottom drain for easy cleaning.
- Powerful controller with 7 ″ touch screen, Wifi and Bluetooth 4.2.

Please note that this is an order item that takes about 3-5 days to get home to us.

Data Sheet;

The following in the shop are excellent for this machine:


3-way valve, TC 34 mm

Blind plug TC 34 mm

TC terminal 34 mm

Sensor cooling circuit

Counter current cooler TC 34 mm

Dip tube

air Spiral

Complete accessory set