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by DrHans
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Dr Doom Kölzch is a classic crisp, clean German ale with a light fruitiness. Easy to drink and appreciated by even the most inveterate lager drinker. The recipe is packaged for brewing according to the German purity laws.

The recipe kit gives you about 23 liters of ready-made beer with late strength of about 4.9%.

The kit includes all the ingredients for brewing this beer. Malt, hops and yeast, as well as instructions.

For those of you who ferment under pressure, instructions for it are also included.

To get started, some materials are required, such as a 30 litre pan, BIAB bag or something to strain the malt with.
Optional but recommended is hydrometer with measuring tube to be able to see the strength of the wort. If you miss these, you are welcome to contact us.

The recipe includes:

Malt: Brewmaster Pilsner, Wheat & Melanoidin

Hops: Spalter & Hallertau Mittelfrü

Yeast: German Ale