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Fermenter King, 35 Liter, Keg King 3G, Including Pressure fermentation kit

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G3 Fermenter King. Pressure fermentation with a higher level of control than ever before. 

NEW Features: 

    • New Plunger Valve - More sanitary and easy to use! 
    • New Thermowell - Get true liquid temperature readings 
    • New Floating Dip Tube - Fixed central tank position 
    • New dry Hop Port - Wider access lid port for easy dryhopping 
    • New Tri-Clover Compatibility - Attach any number of 2 inch Tri-Clover accessories 
    • Optonal Temp Control - Attach our Temp Control Kit to heat or cool your tank internally 
    • CIP Capable - Attach our Cleaning Kit for easy cleaning without scrubbing 
    • Compatible with Gen 1 collection bottles 

Brewers can presurise the vessel up to 35psi to carbonate and dispense direclty from Fermenter King like a keg! Alternativley brewers can transfer under pressure to stainless kegs without oxygen exposure. 

    • Fermenter Body:                 High Molecular Length PET 
    • Fermenter Volume:             35L 
    • Plunge Valve                       304 Stainless 
    • Frame:                                304 Stainless Frame 
    • Pressure Rated Lid:            304 Stainless Steel Ball Lock Posts, Glass Reinforced Nylon,  2.4 bar (35psi) pressure relief valve 
    • Non-Pressure Rated Lid:    Glass Reinforced Nylon 
    • Lid Seal:                              Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) 
    • Working Pressure:               2.4Bar (35psi) 
    • Burst Pressure:                    above 8Bar 
    • Test Pressure:                      5Bar 
Instructions availalble HERE 
Dimensions: 935H x 378W (height to top of plunge valve handle)