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Fermentis Safale T-58, 11,5 g

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Want to create a Belgian Ale with a slightly peppery and complex taste?

Try this powerful yeast!

Safbrew T-58 is a specialized European yeast selected for its spicy, slightly peppery flavor profile. Brewers get amazing results when the yeast is pitched into the wort. If you want to rehydrate first, check out the instructions below. Instructions

For rehydration of yeast: pour yeast into warm water. 25 degrees Celcius. Don't touch. Leave for 15 minutes. Stir gently. Add an equal amount of wort to your solution. Cover, leave for five minutesocg pitcha in it in the wort.

Preparedness: low
Alcohol tolerance: 9,5 %
Flocking: medium
Yeast Temperature: 15-24 °C