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Finest CraftClean 400g / 2,5 kg

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Finest Craftclean is a powerful cleanser that does the same job as PBW. Craftclean is available in powder form and must be mixed with lukewarm water. 

Mixed Craftclean dissolves sediment and is used for washing, among other brewing equipment with soaking or gentleoba with soft cloth or soft sponge. The solution may slightly foam.

After cleaning equipment and fermentation tanks with Craftclean, we recommend using Craftsan for disinfection. The well-known manufacturer Chemisphere, together with Bryggselv / CraftCo, has produced the fabric softener Craftclean. 

Instructions Mix the powder with lukewarm water. Proposed mixing conditions; for manual washing; 10 grams / liter for soaking; 2.5 grams / liter. The solution may slightly foam. Craftclean should be used before Craftsan; Craftclean solves sediment, Craftsan makes the product ready for beer brewing by minimizing microbial activities to an absolute minimum.