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Grainfather G30

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NOTE : This package also contains one laser scroperate filtervalue 679 :--

New Zealand Grainfather is a bridge plant in stainless steel at an affordable price.

NOTE : This is new updated version with a culpitation of the pump outlet.

If you want to start brewing beer, it's simple. You have the meatheses, the sibling, and the boiling in the same vessel. The freshwater is pumped around and is heated according to the RIM method during the measurement.

Stepfully fangin ' with the Grainfather is simple.
It has a clear display, and it simply sets the temperature for each break.

The ore shall be placed in a perforated operation which is raised for silage after the measurement.
Recommended maximum malting is 9 kg.

The countercurrent counterparty is easily wired to the kitchen counter for cooling water.
The wort is pumped directly from Grainfather, through the cooler of the ferellet.

The pump and the warm-up are regulated by itself.
The heating radiator also has two power levels : 2 kW to rapidly reach the temperature and to obtain a strong coq, and 0,5 kW to maintain a very stable temperature during the test.

The bridge is composed of :
bridge cauldron of the buildable elpatron and expandable maltiness in stainless steel

counter-current with tubing and couplings

Magnetic centrifugal pump
(6 watts, 1800 RPM)

hop filter to keep hops and malt ores on the forehead

control unit for the control unit of temperature and pump

recirculation tubes with insulated handles

Warranty : 12 months


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