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Adjustable DIP tube Brewtools TC 34mm

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The adjustable dip tube allows you to adjust the angle from the outside of the container. Useful for adjusting the incoming wart angle and where the wart should be sucked in. To optimize Brewtool's brewing plant this product is really recommended. Mounted between valve and left / right socket on tank. Pull the tube slowly out of the housing to avoid damage to the o-rings. We recommend lubricating o-rings with Haynes silicone grease.

Setting the mesh according to BrewGoat's recommendations:

RIGHT. From the front, we have adjusted so that the right dip-tube should suck up from the top. The dip-tube should therefore stand at 12 o'clock.

Left. The left dip-tube should stand at 3 o'clock during brass to send wort in a whirlpool over the heating elements. This prevents the burning of the wort and then circulates the wart clockwise in the work. Everything is seen from within the work.

Setting when cooling

Left Dip-tubeshould be set at 6, straight down to suck liquid from the bottom.

Right Dip-Tubeis set at 2am, seen from the inside. This is to circulate wart so that heat is not layered in containers. A more accurate value will then be obtained from internal temp sensors.

To be able to adjust your DIP tube, a TC 34 mm gasket is required on each side, as well as TC 34 mm clamp 2 pieces.