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Free freight in Sweden on orders over 750 SEK and under 20 kg
Free freight in Sweden on orders over 750 SEK and under 20 kg

Fermenter King Jr., Keg King + 1 bar spunding valve

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This is the original and should not be compared or confused with other copies. 

In this package the Keg King 1 bar spunding valve is included, that you connect to the gas ball lock disconnect to control the pressure in your fermentation, while at the same time carbonating your beer. 

Fermenter King Junior is now the world's most affordable 20 liter pressure tank to ferment in and at the same time a barrel to drink or serve from. Junior comes from the same tank shape as our King Kegs but uses the clear PET material found in our 35L and 60L Fermenter King Unitanks.


Crystal Clear PET Tank®

Pressure cover equipped with safety valve rated to 2.4 bar

Ball couplings in stainless steel, gas and liquid.

Silicone Dip Tube with stainless steel "float ball"

Fermenter King Junior is excellent to ferment in. Requires a pound valve connected to an MFL -type (GAS) ball couplings (not included) to control the internal pressure of your fermentation.

After fermentation you can carbonic acid your beer in Fermenter King Junior. Attach the Fermenter King Junior to your pin system or any sewing kit and serve directly from the fermenting tank. Alternatively, you can easily transfer carbonated drinks from Fermenter King Junior to kegs, minikegs and growlers etc.


Diameter: 259.4 mm wide at base

Height: 586.9mm to the top of the ball couplings.