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London Fog - White Labs - WLP066

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London Fog Ale WLP066 is a perfect New England style (Neipa) yeast.
Is the most popular yeast for New England IPA's.
With a similar ester production as the East Coast Ale WLP008 leaves the little residual sweet gilding malt, hops and aromas. Many of our customers' favorite yeast are now with us. It is not a coincidence that many large breweries in Sweden in other countries use this yeast for Neipa, Pale Ale and IPA.

The yeast has a similar ester profile as the East Coast Ale Yeast WLP008. It leaves some residual sweetma that lifts both the malt and the hopples and the aromas.


Förjäsability: 65 - 70%
Alcohol Tolerance: 8 - 12%
Flocking: Means - Low
Yeast temperature: 18 - 22 ° C (64 - 72 ° F)
Manufacturer: White Labs