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Lotus™ Pellets USA

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The majority of Lotus ™ genetic origins originate from Eastern Gold, a Japanese variety that goes back to the 1930s followed by a mix of Apollo, Cascade and a USDA male. The USDA male was bred from an open pollinated plant of a wild American hops developed at Wye College, England. The intersection of the USDA male with the neomexicanus heritage adds another layer of complexity and unique tones to this kind. Lotus ™ offers exceptional aromatic properties and we boast with mass flavors of orange and vanilla followed by tones of candied grape and tropical fruit aromas.
High alpha acid and large amounts of oil provide a tasty hops that are rarely found elsewhere.

A fantastic hops to your beer.

Alpha Acid: 15.1%
Beta Acid: 5.5 - 6.0%
Co-Hamulone: ​​33 - 39
TOTAL OILS: 2.0 - 2.5ML / 100g