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Free freight in Sweden on orders over 750 SEK and under 20 kg


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do you Want to learn how to brew beer?

A great way to quickly learn the ölbryggningens the basics, is to go to a ölbryggningskurs for beginners and those of you who would like to gain a better understanding of the world. It also gives you a theoretical and practical survey of the materials, equipment, and bryggprocess in order to be able to brew your own beer.

A basic course in the helmaltsbryggning

this Course deals with the principles of the helmaltsbryggning, and it contains a number of elements, both theoretical and practical in nature, which are part of the beer brewing process. Participants will have the opportunity to become familiar with both the calculations and the movements in the production of beer. During the course we brewed a beer.

This course is designed for those who want to learn how to brew beer at home, or for those of you who are curious as to how the beer is being made. If you have already tried ölsatser, you can learn how to improve your ölkunskaper.

Bryggkursen, among other things, focusing on the following elements.

  • Hembryggningens the history of the
  • Extraktgivande the raw ingredients – Malt, råfrukt, sugar,
  • Mashing
  • Leaching
  • Extraktutbyte
  • Hops to the
  • wort cooking
  • , the Calculation of the bitterness – IBU
  • - Cooling
  • , Yeast and fermentation,
  • Equipment, and literature, and

the program will be held on the weekend at our brewery.

For more information about the hålltider, and other good to know information, we will send you an e-mail a few days prior to the first date.

The course is structured as follows:

the Course is structured on two occasions.

Hit 1: A day in which we will brew the beer from start to finish.
Expect that we will keep on throughout the day, and at the end of the turn it over to our beer into a fermentation vessel and beat in the yeast

Hit-2: After 3-4 weeks to tend to the students is collected in order to drain the beer in the bottle, and the sharing of experiences from the first operation. In this connection, there is, of course, the opportunity to ask questions to the teacher.

At that time, we will go through:

  • Kolsyresättning by flaskjäsning
  • Related
  • to the Storage of the beer,

the Courses are carried out with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 12 people

to Welcome us in a nice and productive day.


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