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Saniclean 473ml

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Saniclean is an eco-friendly disinfectant, like, for example, StarSan, but not the skin and is composed of all it's free of phosphoric acid. Saniclean is a temperaturstabilt, and, therefore, can be used in a wide temperaturspann.

The surfaces must be well cleaned with cleaning agent prior to the Saniclean is used. Saniclean, in itself, does not require a eftersköljning, but the object that is being used before it must be washed away before the Saniclean is applied.

The recommended dosage is 25-40 ml per 10 liters of water. The package includes a doseringsbehållare, which makes it easy to calculate. At that dosage, is not required eftersköljning of the water.

The preferred contact time is at least 3 minutes, but after 30 seconds, the lion's share of all micro-organisms dismantling. (Please NOTE that the surfaces need to be cleaned, from the very beginning, such as the PBW.)

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