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Fermentasaurus - Snub Nose 35 litres

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The Keg King, Snub Nose Fermentasaurus is the world's first commercially-available, pressurized (up to 2.4 Bar), a PET-fermenter that can easily fit in a refrigerator. Snub Nose, use the same specialized material is PET quality as that of the original Fermentasaurus. Included is the pressure kit.

Manufactured in Springvale, Victoria, to simplify this, the Australian product  provide home brewers with the ability to ferment, carbonate and serve from one vessel. Oxygen free transfer of beer made easy with his fermenter. Brewers will also enjoy being able to see the yeast in action, as the Snub Nose Fermentasaurus is crystal clear. 

It can be pressurized up to 35 psi (2,4 bar) in order to fully carbonate your beer.

Serve directly from the container like a barrel. Attach quite simply a picnic tap. The beer is served straight from the fermentation tank is fresh, with no contact with atmospheric oxygen. The transfer of the beer to drop, or for any other
The fermenters is a simple, sanitary and anaerobically (oxygen free), when it is carried out under pressure with the aid of the accompanying pressure lid. 

ATTENTION! Not to be confused with a third-party vendor. This is the original!


HEIGHT, overall 68 cm,

Width / Diamater 38cm

Fermenter Body: High-Molecular Length of PET

Fermenter Volume: 35L
Frame: 304 Stainless Frame,
Pressure Rated Lid: 304 Stainless Steel-Ball Lock Posts, Glass Reinforced Nylon, 2.4 bar (35psi) pressure, a relief valve in
the Lid Seal: Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)
Working Pressure: 2.4 Bar (35psi)
Burst Pressure: above 7Bar
Test Pressure: 5Bar

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