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Muntons Light Spray Malt 500g

by Muntons
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Muntons Light - Spray malt -max 12 EBCat 10% mixing.

Light dried malt extract for beer brewing and preculture.

Based on 100% barley malt.

Spray malt, which is also called DME (Dried Malt Extract) is wort that is boiled and freeze-dried into powder form. It is possible to use spray malt completely on your own to make beer, it can also be added under the boil to increase gravity (OG).


Extract brewing: 1 kg of malt extract per 8 litres of water (OG 1.045, yields about 4.5% vol)
1 kg malt extract per 6 liters of water (OG 1.060, gives about 6 % vol)

Pre-culture: 100 g malt extract per litre of water (OG 1.035)

Beer set: Add instead of sugar in the same amount as the instructions indicate.
This gives a much fuller beer.

Colour: not more than 12 °EBC
Manufacturer: Muntons