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Free freight in Sweden on orders over 750 SEK and under 20 kg
Free freight in Sweden on orders over 750 SEK and under 20 kg

The rental of the Cannular Can Seamer for 1-day


Notice! To read the full text.

The goods are insured by us.

The rental of the Cannular Can Seamer is rented out per day, seven days a week.

Included in the price of the machine , and the jars are purchased by us in connection with the lease.

Beergun with a kulkopplingsanslutning for the gas and beer are included, as well as the governor of the kolsyretub appropriate to 425 grams sodastreamflaska. Own bottle of is required or can be purchased in the store, if they so wish.

The cans, which are sold in connection with a machine of 330-ml silver or white. Please note that the color must be specified during the rental time so that they are out of stock.

In order not to have to set on the machine between the burkstorlekarna, this is the choice we have made.

We are not responsible for the foaming of beer and will be unable to provide you with support for this, in the actual rental-period.


So, here's how it works:

1. Please e-mail us at and let us know which date you wish to hire the machine, as well as the range of 330-ml cans. Every day of the week as is possible. Is desired to a 500-ml, please fill out the.

2. Wait for a response from the us, so the day is free for you to rent.

3. The purchase of this service.

4. Add the number of cans of 330ml, in the shopping cart and complete the purchase. Please select "pick up in store".

You will then come to collect your machine in the allocated period of time in the us, and the leaves of this agreement.