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Free freight in Sweden on orders over 750 SEK and under 20 kg

Verdant IPA - Lallemand - 11 grams

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Lalbrew® Verdant IPA was especially chosen in collaboration with Verdant Brewing Co. (UK) for their ability to produce a variety of humbles beer and malt beer. Prominent tones of apricot and undertones of tropical fruit and citrus melt seamlessly together with hops.

With medium flocculation leaves Lalbrew® Verdant IPA a soft and balanced malt profile with slightly more body than a typical American IPA yeast strain. This very versatile stem is well suited for a variety of beer styles including Neipa, English IPA, American Pale, English Bitter, Sweet Stout and Sours.

Classified as Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a yeast of yeast typical analysis of Lalbrew® Verdant IPA:

Fermentation that can be completed in 5 days.

Means to high attenuation and moderate flocculation.

18 - 23 ° C (64 - 73 ° F) character.

Aroma and tastes are dominated by apricot with tones of tropical fruit and balanced malt The optimal temperature range of Lalbrew® Verdant IPA yeast in the manufacture of traditional styles is 18 ° C (64 ° F) to 23 ° C (73 ° F).

Expected attenuation: 72-82%

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